Exportan is an Istanbul based foreign trade and consulting company focused on supporting and transferring know-how to corporate companies on their e-commerce business and omni-channel strategies. Moreover, Exportan is a trader aiming to be an expert on cross-border digital sales and to lead the growing e-export business in Turkey.  

It's established in 2019 by an experienced business person and entrepreneur named Ayse Gedikli

She collaborates with several freelance consultants, ​each is highly experienced and competent in their areas.  The company offers business consulting not only for mature corporate companies but also for entrepreneurs and small to medium size companies on their journey of their digitalization.

Besides, Exportan has been developing its own cross-border sales operations. The ultimate goal is to establish a platform for trading high quality Turkish goods at reasonable prices.  This project is still in the incubation phase which concentrates on providing the best customer experience before, during and after shopping for cross-border consumers. 

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