Business Idea

Local consumers deserve local sellers. 

We help local sellers to extend their product range from our product catalog. Also we take care of fulfillment of the orders starting from payment ending with delivery. By collaboration with us, local sellers have all the time to focus on merchandising and selling process.

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What we have for you


More than 300 textile products. All designed and produced in Turkey with high quality Turkish cotton. Pestemals, towels, kimono, kaftans, blankets and throws.  

Discover Exportan Textile Shop Products.

Around 100 DIY decoration products. All manufactured in Turkey. Styrofoam decorative products, acrylic paints, brushes, decorative objects and more.

Discover Exportan DIY Shop Products.


We send the secure payment link, we pick&pack the product and deliver to final customer. Our aim is provide the best possible shopping experience to your customers. 


We do your marketing on several media. Moreover, we provide you free consulting service on how to optimize your marketing activities of your shop. 


What you have for us

Local consumers deserve local sellers. 

You have the access to a customer base and customer insights at your local market.