We are a consulting company specialized in digital commerce. 

We help companies and start-ups on their digital business journeys specifically on establishment or development of e-commerce operations. 

Main areas of our expertise are Management of Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Operations, Customer Services and Business Navigation. 

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You have good idea or just curious about where the growth driver lays for your business in this digital world. 

We can dream, analyze, plan and establish together with you.

Call us to discuss in specifically on your digital business potentials.

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You know that there is room to go.  And we know that you aim to increase the overall efficiency for a better profit margin while keeping the customer in the heart of your business.

Why not getting some help? Call us to see the opportunities.

Let's start with defining your dream!

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Audit & Re-audit

"When we accept our limits, we go beyond them." Albert Einstein said once. As soon as you have a well-studied audit report in your hands, you'll make SMARTer plans and see the realistic limits of yours. Moreover, we offer re-audits on your preferred milestone of your project. And  good news! It's free of charge. Contact us  for more information.

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Training & Coaching

Despite the emerging technologies, human is still the most important resource. You can develop a fantastic infrastructure on your digital commerce tools. But the efficiency and the sustainable profitability depends on the humans working in your business. 

Please pay extra attention to training and coaching so that everyone on the team can stand firmly on the ground. Contact us now!


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